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Colors Builder  v.1.0

Program 'Colors Builder' is intended for creation of harmonious color circuits for web-site and formation of sets of palettes for web-design. Opportunities of a choice of primary colour from a palette of colors are included in the program: using

WPF Colors and Cursors  v.1.0

View the real colors and cursors built-in WPF

Personality quiz with colors  v.1.0

Amazing personality test. Extra accurate testing results. It is widely used by secret services, as it is impossible to get incorrect results for this test or to cheat- it is based on colors you choose and works directly with your subconscious mind.

Alphabet, Shapes and Colors  v.1.00

With this small and very simple program you'll turn your 2-year-old child into an alphabet expert! The application is also helpful in learning colors and basic shapes. Just let your child press keys on your keyboard!

Garmonic colors  v.1.0

Professional tool for developing harmonious colors. Take the colors from picture and embed them to the site color model. Find colors that will be optimal view with a logo. Generated palette is an optimal for human eye perception.

Colors of Autumn Free Screensaver  v.3.0

The free Colors of Autumn Screensaver by Scenic Reflections displays 60 beautiful and colorful images of the fall season. See and experience the awe of autumn right on your computer. We're sure you're going to fall in love with this free screensaver.

Colors of Autumn Screensa  v.ver 2.0

The Free Colors of Autumn Screen Saver by displays 60 beautiful and colorful images of the Autumn Season. Now you can see and experience its beauty right on your computer! You're sure to 'fall' in love with this one! This saver

6 Colors  v.1.2

6 Colors 1.2 is such a kind this classic strategy game that allows you to play on free-shaped tiles. You start from the lower left corner and must paint the largest possible area. Your opponent starts from the upper right and tries to do the same. By

Colors of India Windows 7 Theme

Colors of India Windows 7 Theme is designed to give you one effective way to change your desktop background with pictures from around India.Requirements:Windows

Mix colors online game  v.1

Mixer colors online game. Try to line up five matching colored chips for removal. Colors: How is your memory? Play Simon Says against the computer and find out yourself! Shapes and Colors -- Hows your memory? Make it stronger with this graphic

Network Easy Colors  v.2

Network Easy Colors 2 offers an innovative, versatile home and education program. Students are taught the names and recognition of nine different colors. Sound is used to reforce the names. The colors are presented in sequential form, name and

Flying Colors Assistant  v.0.1

This is an auxilary tool for the naval tabletop wargame 'Flying Colors: Fleet Actions in The Age of Sail', by Mike Nagel. With 'Flying Colors Assistant', players can easily keep track of the status of their ships (condition, damage, etc.) and

GNOME-colors  v.4.1

GNOME-colors is an icon theme largely based on GNOME, with some icons/ideas from Tango, Elementary, and Discovery.

Shiki-Colors  v.4.1

Shiki-Colors aims to have the elegance of a dark theme, with the usability of a light theme.

Colors  v.0.1.0

Colors is an entertaining educational game designed for children ages 0-2.

LEGO::Colors  v.0.4

This is a simple accessor class, used to store information about various different colors that LEGO pieces can have.

Ghost Folder Colors for Mac OS  v.1.0

11 ghoulishly gorgeous 3D folder icons for Halloween make a great addition to your lavish library of custom icons. They will make a great Trick or Treat for yourself or anyone special in your life. Enjoy.

CONKY-colors  v.4.2.2

Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any information on your desktop.

Elementary Icons + gnome-colors-Brave for Linux  v.0.1

Elementary Icons for your GNOME desktop

Terminus-colors  v.1.8

terminus theme in color

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